Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Rookies-TV Movie-Pilot to the tv series

The TV Movie Pilot-to the Rookies-tv series-1972-1974, had a large group of SCPD Police Officers driving their many police cars, racing into a empty football stadium, with their sirens blalering , later during this part of this tv movie pilot to the Rookies -tv series, a army of SCPD Police riot helmuts, who were carring their police issus pistols and shotguns , running inside this same football stadium, racing and trying to stop and later shot and killed lone Sniper who was firing his high powered rifflie,with a scope on it, at the army of scpd armed police officers, led Sergeant Eddie Ryker ,played in the rookies tv movie pilot by Darren McGavin, who commanded led these very brave and well armed scpd police officers,SCPD police Terry Webster, Mike Danko, and Willie Gillis were able to stop and shot kill the lone Degraned homciceal sniper by Cameron Mitchell, who earlier shot and killed a some person driving their car on a expressway, during the daylight.
one of the new scpd rookie police officers was shot and killed by this lone homceied psycho sniper.

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